Source code for scrapple.commands.genconfig



from __future__ import print_function

import json
import os

from colorama import Back, Fore, init
from jinja2 import Template

import scrapple
from scrapple.commands import command

[docs]class GenconfigCommand(command.Command): """ Defines the execution of :ref:`genconfig <command-genconfig>` """ def __init__(self, args): super(GenconfigCommand, self).__init__(args) init()
[docs] def execute_command(self): """ The genconfig command depends on predefined `Jinja2 <>`_ \ templates for the skeleton configuration files. Taking the --type argument from the \ CLI input, the corresponding template file is used. Settings for the configuration file, like project name, selector type and URL \ are taken from the CLI input and using these as parameters, the template is \ rendered. This rendered JSON document is saved as <project_name>.json. """ print(Back.GREEN + Fore.BLACK + "Scrapple Genconfig") print(Back.RESET + Fore.RESET) directory = os.path.join(scrapple.__path__[0], 'templates', 'configs') with open(os.path.join(directory, self.args['--type'] + '.txt'), 'r') as f: template_content = print("\n\nUsing the", self.args['--type'], "template\n\n") template = Template(template_content) settings = { 'projectname': self.args['<projectname>'], 'selector_type': self.args['--selector'], 'url': self.args['<url>'], 'levels': int(self.args['--levels']) } rendered = template.render(settings=settings) with open(self.args['<projectname>'] + '.json', 'w') as f: rendered_data = json.loads(rendered) json.dump(rendered_data, f, indent=3) print(Back.WHITE + Fore.RED + self.args['<projectname>'], ".json has been created" \ + Back.RESET + Fore.RESET, sep="")