Source code for scrapple.utils.form


Functions related to form handling.

import itertools
import json
import os

[docs]def form_to_json(form): """ Takes the form from the POST request in the web interface, and generates the JSON config\ file :param form: The form from the POST request :return: None """ config = dict() if form['project_name'] == "": raise Exception('Project name cannot be empty.') if form['selector_type'] not in ["css", "xpath"]: raise Exception('Selector type has to css or xpath') config['project_name'] = form['project_name'] config['selector_type'] = form['selector_type'] config['scraping'] = dict() if form['url'] == "": raise Exception('URL cannot be empty') config['scraping']['url'] = form['url'] config['scraping']['data'] = list() for i in itertools.count(start=1): try: data = { 'field': form['field_' + str(i)], 'selector': form['selector_' + str(i)], 'attr': form['attribute_' + str(i)], 'default': form['default_' + str(i)] } config['scraping']['data'].append(data) except KeyError: break # TODO : Crawler 'next' parameter handling with open(os.path.join(os.getcwd(), form['project_name'] + '.json'), 'w') as f: json.dump(config, f) return